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R. Gregory Stein

There is an emergency Highway Patrol phone number to report erratic driving behavior that is on signs as you travel Route 2 from Cleveland to Toledo, similar to 911 as I recall. The same phone number is displayed on signs on other major highways and interstates I believe. You may want to put that number out there as the one to call instead of 911, even in urban areas. Let the Highway Patrol dispatcher try to sort out who else needs to be contacted. Just a suggestion, based on the experience you just described in your Road Warrior column. Good luck. Peace.

R. Gregory Stein

I should have mentioned in my earlier comment that several summers ago I called that Highway Patrol number coming out of the Cleveland area west of Cleveland. It involve several motorcyclists that were driving in a pack very dangerously. About 10-15 miles later, the Highway Patrol had pulled over a number of the bikers and were issuing citations. I do not know if it was my call that was responsible for the traffic law enforcement crackdown effort that day, but I do know at least it made me feel like I had done something positive to make that highway safer that day. Just saying my call may have helped that time.

Road Warrior

I know there's a different number for the Ohio Turnpike, *990, that connects with the Turnpike's patrol headquarters in Berea. I'll have to look up any other number that is used off-Turnpike and isn't 911.


877-7-PATROL is the statewide number for the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

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