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A Candy Girl

What about the TPD officers who also block traffic by parking in the left lane with lights on to move their personal items from their cruiser to their personal cars during morning rush hour?


It is a shame that there is not a designated parking lot or garage for municipal, county, state and federal employees that work downtown. There is plenty of green space and/or vacant buildings to demolish to create such. I see TPD blocking traffic 24/7/365 to load and unload their personal cars. A parking lot would be more secure as well as a good resolve for all.


What about all the cars that illegally park in the city lot just up the road? The people who take up city spaces, or just plain park on the end of an aisle, making it nearly impossible to safely maneuver around them? The Park authority and Toledo Police need to get on it. I don't know how many times I've come to work and had to circle to lot just to find a space. not to mention the TPD cars parked in the middle of the aisle just to unload things into or out of their personal vehicles. Drives me nuts!

Road Warrior

Agree, the police officers who double-park to load/unload their own vehicles do not help matters any, though mostly I see that at shift changes, which tend to occur at times of day when traffic is not so bad as it is at 10 a.m. in front of the courthouse.


when we go out anywhere and then some time ,if we have to face problem related with wheels or our car do stop in the street center.Than people can face traffic problem. that's why we should always use better company wheels for our vehicle.

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