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R. Gregory Stein

Thanks Tom for sharing this information about Gen. Honore. It would be great to see him appointed to be the head of the US EPA. Think there would be any changes made in the enforcement of environmental laws and regulations under his leadership?

bob holup

I though Obama, when he ran for his first term, campaigned on a promise that there would be no lobbyists under his administration. Am I wrong?


u r wrong


Obama did promise no lobbyists in his administration, and within one year broke the promise multiple times and as of now has broken in dozens of times. Here is the link with the tracking data. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2009/mar/17/obamas-lobbyist-rules-promise-broken/

John  Duczek

Nice to see someone telling it like it is for a change. That Big Industry is screwing up this Planet for Profit and doesn't give a stuff... Too many lobbyists and too many Politicians who are there for one reason to represent the Big Boys and give them what they want to keep them happy at our and Natures expense. When is enough, enough!! That is not How a Democracy is supposed to run...

David Scott

Thanks for posting this, Tom. But for fossil fuel industry hijacking of our political system and our public discourse, we would have heeded urgent warnings and acted on climate years ago. We've lost years we didn't have to lose, and the longer we wait, the more difficult the challenges become.

David Scott

"He implored the media to make a stronger commitment to covering environmental news." Amen. And environmental news includes Ohio newspapers covering the environmental voting records of their congressional representatives, some of which are reckless to the point of being flat-out sick (example: US House votes against even doing RESEARCH on climate). Covering the tide of industry campaign cash that's driving some hideously irresponsible decisions at the national and state levels. Asking tough but fair questions that are not getting asked.


First, Honore didn't take control, he was second in charge. Adm. Thad Allen was the Incident Commander for Katrina and Rita rescue, relief, and recovery efforts.
Second, he, like Al Gore, is not an environmental expert...he just has an opinion, like Al Gore. That's all.
Third, the BP guy was right. Claims have been exaggerated, because that's how they get more and more money from BP and other oil companies as well as from taxpayers. The abandoned oil wells are places where sea life grows and thrives. Just like they do around ship wrecks. It's nature. This guy is clueless about these things. Also, there is constant leakage of oil into sea water around the world thru natural fissures. Thousands of barrels worth of oil leaks in to the Gulf every year. Guess what? It's ok. It's been doing that for...well, forever. There is a bacteria that eats the oil. If there is an imbalance from a leak like the BP leak, it takes a little bit longer to eat it up. The oil companies are not the boogey man. They haven't hijacked anything. It's the Al Gores of the country that are hijacking our constitutional republic and creating fear where none is needed.


PA is correct. Russ was mostly in charge of bombastic, homespun, infantry shibboleths. Not many know that the vast majority of uniformed responders (for whom Russ took credit) were National Guardsmen under the command of their respective Governors and Adjutants General, not The Army. Over 55,000 Guardsmen responded, yet there was barely a hundred from the vaunted 101st Airborne. If you ask a CNN reporter who saved the day, they say "Russ Honore." If you ask a Louisianan, they'll say "The National Guard."


...and the Coast Guard. The only way many folks were able to get out of NOLA was by air. The USCG plucked thousands off of rooftops throughout the devastated area. They took people and their pets...well, until an old lady's cat got loose in the chopper and wrapped it's claws around the pilot's head from behind. They almost lost that one. Afterwards, Adm. Allen ordered all pets to be caged or leashed or they didn't get lifted. This caused an uproar in the press, him being accused of animal cruelty. His lack of apology and stated value of human life over any other in an interview pretty much squashed the idiotic cries of cruelty.

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