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R. Gregory Stein

Thank you Tom. Please use your bully pulpit, along with the powers that be at The Blade, to hold all those with a role in causing and fixing the environmental mess that occurred in our community over the past few days. Especially those in our government at all levels who need to take the actions necessary to make our community, and all other communities drawing their drinking water and making their livings from the Great Lakes, safe from the potentially disastrous effects of the toxic algae and other environment harm, such as Asian carp. If ever there was a time to push hard to request, and achieve, long term remedies to the real potential harm of real water pollution threats, it is now. Let us dedicate ourselves to not missing this clear and important window of opportunity, or the next serious threat to Toledo, or another community on the Great Lakes may result in real human disaster with real human casualties that cannot be reversed. Those of us know what it felt like this past weekend, not knowing what would happen next tour precious water supply, that so many of us previously just took for granted. We have been warned.

Tom Henry

Thanks for your thoughts, Greg.

Mark Bailey

I've been following the water crisis from afar via the Blade. I've been struck by the lack of any meaningful response from your Governor or conservative legislative leaders to this crisis. The Blade's lead columnist, Mr. Burris, writes that there are no bad guys in this story and today deflects attention from the Governor and Legislature by asking how the Mayor of Toledo, of all people, is handling the crisis. How the Mayor, who has no power to affect conditions in Lake Erie, is handling the crisis is irrelevant. Where has the Governor been ? Where has the Legislature been? And then of course there is the U.S. House insisting on cutting funds from the Clean Water Act. Perhaps, like global warming, the threat of algae in Lake Erie is a liberal hoax. The water is fine, I'm sure.

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