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Jeff S

Frankly, I'm perfectly OK with the "war on coal". Coal mining is a pretty destructive industry, currently there is NO "clean coal" (although, perhaps with something like the Coal Reactor technology being developed at Ohio State U., the power generation part of coal energy can be considerably cleaned up and the carbon sequestered).

Add to that that even WITH smokestack scrubbers, you still have some very fine ash that can't be scrubbed and ends up in the air we breathe, which causes a lot of respiratory and other ailments, and coal is technology we need to replace (at least as it currently exists).

Finally, don't forget the coal ash waste problem - rivers full of coal ash are nobody's idea of a good day.

A combination of nuclear, wind, solar, transmission, efficiency, ( and maybe, with further R&D, storage ) can help us get to the point of having affordable (though maybe a bit more expensive than coal), clean energy.

Jeffrey M. Skov

Mr. Alexander only tells half the story. As mandatory renewable portfolio standards drive electricity prices up in the U.S., manufacturing and jobs will go to places like China, where a new coal plant comes on line every week. The RPS laws don't stop effluents from those smokestacks before they cross our borders. Mercury travel demonstrates that--EPA says "less than half of all mercury deposition within the U.S. comes from U.S. sources"--see http://www.epa.gov/mercury/about.htm. So the RPS laws work to export jobs, impoverish the U.S. and leave us with bad air anyway.

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