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Adam smith

The Earth is warming. Ohio used to have glaciers only 12,000 years ago and they have been receding ever since, so we have had global warming for quite a while. We do not know if at the end of ice ages if an acceleration occurs. We do know that during the life of Earth there usually is no ice at all.


Records only go back to 1880, a mere blink in earth time. I am still not a believer that man is the cause. I still believe it is just a cycle in earth history. Remember this area was also a rajin forest at one point!

Steven Bjarnason

I would be quite concerned if the climate was not either getting warmer or cooler during a short period of 134 years. This subject is so ludicrous and laughable. The IPCC classifies carbon as a pollutant and they are still stuck on how we need to reduce emissions of this "greenhouse gas". Another absurdity. Carbon is a large part of the fabric of everything living and it is part of nature ... yea, the entire universe. Fact: the "greenhouse gas" with the largest effect is not CO2 ... it is water vapor (H20). Volcanoes and other sources from within the earth may only spout 200 million tonnes of C02 into the atmosphere per year ... but they have been doing so for billions of years ... and the rate was much higher in the past than it is now. So, what happened to that CO2 and how could life have possibly sprung from such an inhospitable place? It should be plain to anyone with common sense and a half of a scientific brain ... that CO2 is not all it is being cooked up to be. Natural variability is at play in this warming (and cooling) of the earth. End of story. And life goes on.

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