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Sandy Bihn

The Clean Water Act since 1996 has required a Source Water Protection plan for all surface water intakes. Ohio EPA is lead on this program. One eastern Ohio community is developing a plan but others drawing water from the surface have no plans. Some may remember the 2000 Walkerton, Ontario spill where reoirtedly 2500 were sick and seven deaths and there and conntamination in 1993 Millwaulkee's treated water with a reported 403,000 sick and 104 deaths. There were also problems in 2004 at Putn Bay and this year in Caroll Township.
The growing algae problem in Lake Erie threatens our drinking water source - there are no resevoirs for Toledo and other other communities drinking water sources. We hope that the water can be treated and all will be ok rather than creating a plan for algae source reductions and accountability.

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