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Dan Wagner

Taylor, You misunderstood what Mike was saying. When a report is downgraded, it is not comparing the title of the report to the body of the report. The department has to file a report with the FBI each year on number of reported crimes in various categories. What Mike was claiming is that a burglary report filed with the department could be downgraded as a theft or criminal trespass which the department does not report to the FBI. Therefore, the number of burglaries would appear lower than what actually occurred. A better analysis would take the number of burglary reports filed with the department and compare that to what was reported to the FBI. Your article is misleading.


Well Dan, how do you explain that 11 days ago the FBI released their national "burglaries" report and Toledo ranked 3rd in the country? If what Collins is suggesting is true, and the books are being cooked, then we must be off the charts! It's my guess we're not actually 3rd but much lower and other cities are cooking their books. Good job Taylor.

Dan Wagner

Toledoguy, we actually dropped from over 8,000 burglaries in 2011 to around 6,000 for 2012. You are probably right about the other cities cooking their books. I once had a chief from one of the largest metropolitan police departments tell me that Compstat has accomplished nothing but making police officers into liars.

Ben Milder

So what you're saying, Dan, is that what Mike Collins says isn't true. Bell has been saying all along that Collins focuses too much on the little things. Maybe complaining that Toledo is worse tan 3rd nationally, as stated by Toledo Guy, is enough damage to the city then to imply that your own officers lie all the time.


Your leveling quite a claim there based on what? Your legal expertise as a two and a half year pseudo-reporter for the blade. A weeks worth of criminal reports during the final 2 months of a mayoral year election? Crime is a rampart problem in Toledo, and its gotten worse recently. Perhaps if you spent more time "investigating" the criminals in Toledo and less time defending them you'd see that.

Ben Milder

She's leveling the claim based on the fact that she literally went through each case. Also, it's a random list of reports, which makes her investigation impartial. Also, she's qualified to make this report because she's the syndicated crime girl.

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