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Davi Bennett

I myself never thought there were so many gangs in Toledo, I had no clue! I have always lived on the South side of Toledo (just a personal preference) I recently moved to the North end and was rudely awakened to the fact of gangs, seeing as how they live at the end of the block. I think Mayor Bell needs to take off those rose colored glasses and live in the "hood" for a time and see what everyone else sees.

Amos Eulogio Valencia

Good job, Taylor. The mayor is the one who is irresponsible, spouting of crack-pot ideas that sound good to him with no facts to support them.

David Clayton Warfield

While I'm sure the statistical sample is wildly too small to suggest causation, you do seem to have the better argument, Ms. Dungjen.


David C. Warfield brings up statistics and makes his point. Here is the kind of logic used by the mayor.


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Shooting incidents reported by the Toledo Police Department in 2014:
Skull and crossbones: homicide
Gun: Non-fatal shooting with injuries
Green: Shots fired
Yellow: Shooting into a habitation

View 2013 Toledo shooting incidents in a larger map
Shooting incidents reported by the Toledo Police Department in 2013:
Pink: homicide
Blue: Non-fatal shooting with injuries
Red: Shots fired
Yellow: Shooting into a habitation

View Shooting incidents in Toledo, 2012 in a larger map
Shooting incidents reported by the Toledo Police Department in 2012:
Blue: person shot
Yellow: shooting into a habitation
Red: report of shots fired

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