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Mad Jack

22) Linda Hicks, 62, shot by police in the 1300 block on Dec. 14, 2009. Police have said that Hicks, who was a resident at a group home, was holding a knife and charged at police.

Not so. Linda Hicks was mentally ill and living in a group home (Marria’s Adult Family Home) for the mentally ill. She was having a psychotic break and was crying hysterically.

When Chandler shot her, Linda was in her own bedroom, lying on her own bed. The cops kicked in the door, screamed commands and used their Taser on Linda twice. When Linda rolled off the bed and got to her feet, Chandler killed her.

Linda Hicks was over 60 years old, was short and obese. She was a sedentary non-athlete. Officers Diane Chandler and Rebecca Kenney were in their early thirties, are both physically fit, both larger than Linda and presumably trained in hand to hand combat. They outnumbered Linda Hicks two to one, but they "felt threatened" so now Linda Hicks is dead.

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