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R. Gregory Stein

Hopefully, the Ohio House of Representatives will not follow suit. But first, the Ohio Senate should not pass SB 60. CCW permit records should remain open to review by journalists with the current restrictions continued. Gun violence is an important topic in our society and the public should be able to have the assistance of journalists keep track of key issues such as CCW permit holders when public safety may be involved.


Does the constitution say we get freedom of speech or assembly is we first get a license? Nor should it for gun rights. By being a born adult non felony commiting adult, you have a God given set of inaleinable rights. Try readying the bill of rights sometimes, as consider what would happen if we applied the same restrictions to all our freedoms that are being applied to guns.

Will McCracken

Gun rights advocates have made the statement that CCW guns actually prevent violence and crime. Seems to me that's herasay unless it's a matter of public record who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon so that list can be compared to the names of perps.

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