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Pax Christi

Good decision. About time the student athletes//players//performers//entertainers were allowed to share in some of the financial rewards from their entertainment performances. The student athletes put countless hours into training and practicing, and have their lives and behavior strictly regulated by rules established by their colleges and the NCAA.They risk serious injury and ongoing serious health consequences while participating In college athletics that can affect their lives long after they leave their colleges, especially football players, without continuing healthcare being provided by the colleges. More fairness in the sharing of the financial benefits reaped by the universities and continuing healthcare for the athletes for injuries suffered while participating in college athletics are needed.

Adam Smith

Athletes make well over $50,000 per year now. They are 19 or 20 years old. What else would they do to earn these kind of sums? And will the football and basketball players in the union stand with their 'bretheren' in the other sports and share revenue? And will the schools not longer forcably take general fee dollars and put it in the athletic fund to help it be profitable? These kids already make more than half of what a professor makes....and get a chance to develop better contacts, if they use the opportunity. Many do.

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