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Nate Livingston

Wow! Suzette Hackney is a heroine. She proved she can stand up to a powerful Black person.

That said, I've been searching for her column/blog entry standing up to the white guys who run The Blade for their decision to step on a landmine by reportedly agreeing to pay Ted Nugent over $50,000 to come to town, then pretend the 1st Amendment somehow compelled them to hire Nugent in 2012 and again this year.

Not only haven't I read Ms. Hackney's chastisement of Blade bigshots, I also haven't seen her take our supposed Christian brothers who run Cedar Creek Church to task for their willingness to allow their good names to be used to promote the event featuring Nugent. Sure, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said we will remember not the words of our enemies, we will remember the silence of our friends, but the Nugent event apparently isn't a moment for teaching like Sykes.

Hackney writes: "None of US gets a pass." Guess that really means none of US Black people gets a pass; white people are different.

Not Again

Hackney is a joke, and just as much of a racist and bigot as Sykes is.

Biff Rhodes

Sykes needs to pay for the cost of the 74-page report (including but not limited to all the city time devoted to this reports preparation). Put your money where your mouth is Citizen Sykes. As a Toledo City Councilmen, he should be demanding the Citizen Sykes pays this bill and not the rest of Toledo's taxpayers.


He's sorry because he got caught, Period. Sykes is a lying, deceitful POS. Thank goodness there were cameras to clear the young officers of wrongdoing. If not, they would have been put on leave and most likely fired. This man has no business or place in the public sector and should resign or be removed immediately. Not sure if any criminal charges can be filed but I hope the officers sue his lying-slander behind for running their name and character through the mud.

mike roscoe

Thanks, Suzette. Liked your article, and get the feeling the message is we shouldn't be provoking. Racism is real here, but there is much more good happening. Bummed that has taken it's time, but it is fading fast. Larry has balls apologizing. Dig it.


Isn't it possible there far less sinister forces at work ? If your driving thru, or live in an area where cops are your more likely to get pulled over ? Isn't plain ol color blind math at work ? After this incident with Mr Sykes, and the " beating " he took during his DUI ALL OF THE REST get tossed out of the credibility window..

jim matthews

Nice post Suzette! Who knows what Mr. Sykes real motives were for writing the letter to Chief Moton, on city letterhead no less. He has zero credibility after the false charges during his DUI arrest years ago and the civil right lawsuit he settled in Carroll Twp.. Not sure how these types of folks are elected. Was he because of CWB? Campaigning While Black? Some vote for someone base only on certain factors. Race plays into that and of course, it would work the other way with all the different races, as well. What about the content of one's character and their "track record" being the basis for putting someone into a position of power? That would be a significant day for our city and country and a baby step toward where we as a society must go! That will be a great day!


It is hard to be a minority. As a 'white' person, I sometimes imagine what I would feel like if I was a minority. I have a situation where I am slighted, overlooked or mistreated and I get irritated with the other persons point of view or approach and later shrug it off. I suspect if I was a minority I would feel it happened due to my minority status. I don't doubt that minorities face slights due to being a minority, but it must be hard to tell when its due to being a minority and when its just lifes' turn of the screw.


Times being what they are, Mr. Sykes should face the same fate as Mr. Sterling for making false racial statements.

J Rodriguez

This is a great article; very insightful and honest. Mr. Sykes needs to be reprimanded. If we are TRULY going to stamp out racism, we need to approach it on all ends. False accusations are just as hurtful as real words or actions. His attempt to backtrack around the phrase "profiling" is ridiculous. Paul Ryan was lambasted for using the term "inner city" which some claimed could only mean one thing: Black Americans. Similarly, when you say a police officer "profiled" you, that also has only one meaning; racial. There is no other type of profiling in common discourse. Larry SHOULDN'T get a pass. As someone else said, if there weren't dash board cameras, two officers could have had their careers ruined because of a false accusation. THAT is not harmless.

Truthfully, I think people are sick of the double standard. I also think people are sick and tired of the failure to acknowledge that (A) public opinions and attitudes have done a 180 degree turn since the civil rights movement; and (B) many of the issues Black American communities continue to face are self-inflicted.

TO me, it's starting to look like Oprah was half right. She said racism wouldn't be stamped out until the old white men who cling to those beliefs die off. Similarly, it appears that we need old black men who cling to the past to also die off before we can consider racism dead.


The saddest thing about this, and I hope Mr. Sykes acknowledges this to himself, is that he is now part of the problem. For the next couple of years, whenever an African-American complains of being harassed by a cop for no reason, any whites, Latinos and Asians listening will say, "Yeah, sure, you were harassed - just like that Larry Sykes guy was, right?" He's made it that much harder for someone who experiences actual racism to have their hurt treated seriously, and that's just sad.

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