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OK, finally have updates for those of you competing with Casey and I. To sum up ... er, sorry.

Both Casey and I defeated Christie's Team Rest of the MAC. Both of us claimed a 5-2 victory over the group of Miracle Woods & Marquisha Harris (WMU), Nathalie Fontaine (BSU), Jillian Spurlock (MU), Janay Morton (EMU) and Jill Stein (BGSU).

Sue put together two teams (to double her chances of winning!), and, well, doubled her losses instead.

My team claimed a 5.5-1.5 win over Team 1 while Casey's team claimed a 4-3 win over the unit of Brittany Carter (BSU), Miriam Justinger (BGSU), Da'Jourie Turner (CMU), Kiyanna Black (OU), Jessica Jessing (WMU) and Janelle Reed-Lewis (UT).

My team claimed a 6-1 win over Sue's Team 2 while Casey's team claimed a 4-3 win over the group of Deb Hoekstra & Erica Donovan (BGSU), Desyree Thomas (EMU), Taylor Johnson (CMU), Mackenzie Loesing & Christa Baccus (UB).


BTW, I also put together Team Cherry Pick, a compilation of the best players from those three teams ... and that "all-star" team beat both Casey and me.

The team was Woods & Harris (WMU), Fontaine (BSU), Black (OU), Loesing (UB) and Stein (BGSU).

That team beat Casey's Team Intensit 4.5-2.5, and it beat my Team InItToWinIt 4-3.

So it's possible. If you want to add YOUR team to the action, just pick any six MAC players neither Casey nor I chose. And post 'em here before Saturday's games start. Good luck!

Sue Shunk

Ok John I may have doubled my losses but we're doubling the fun.
I'm amazed at Jennifer's coaching & recruiting. I'll continue to sit in the stands and do what I do loudly....cheer for the Falcons. As I said I picked a few of my own and some who've dealt BG some misery. Hoping my 2 UB players don't go off Saturday. I'll take more losses for BG wins in the games.(Thanks Casey)

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