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So one ACC championship since 1953 is evidence that Wake can win? I'd say the overhwhelming amount of evidence is that they can't and that single year was a fluke. Wake doesn't have the name recognition of a Stanford or Northwestern and Vanderbilt plays in the SEC. Fordham and Richmond were on equal footing with their peers while Wake is not. Bad decision.

Any buzz about Luke Fickell coming to BG? Twitter seems to think that's the case.


Bozo: So what you are saying is that doing something once is evidence that it CANNOT be done? Mind = Boggled.

As for "Twitter" seeming to think Fickell is coming to OSU, much of that buzz is coming from OSU fans who do not want him as the team's defensive coordinator. That's an endorsement?


When something's been done once since 1953...yes, it's near impossible to do again. The circumstances have also changed drastically against Wake Forest. Please tell me how they've got a shot in their own division against Florida State and Clemson? The Bulgarian army has a better shot against the Navy SEALs.

And Fickell's name came up on a coaching search site, not an OSU fan site. The opinions of Ohio State fans are immaterial. Tennessee fans would have said Dave Clawson was a bad hire after 2008.


Bozo: You've already backed off from impossible to near-impossible. Does WF have a shot against Clemson & Florida State? Not this year. But who's to say things don't change in a year or so?

As for Fickell, his name doesn't come up in any of the discussions I've had. Not saying I'm right ...

Two other things about Fickell: First, he would have to take a pay cut to become BG coach. Second, comparing he and Clawson in that sense is misleading: Clawson had one season at Tennessee and a track record of success before that. This isn't Fickell's first season at Ohio State. And what is his track record?


Football revenue discrepancies in the millions says they don't change. Stadium sizes (31,000 compared to 80,000+) says they won't. Wake is not on a level playing field with them and never will be. It's mission impossible.

Fickell had a track record of success as a co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State under Jium Tressel. Yes, he hasn't been a head coach, but that's fairly equivalent to the low level FCS jobs Clawson had. It's not like he just started coaching this year. Plus, nobody from OSU was complaining about the defense last year.


Wow. Point taken on field size. For some reason I thought BB&T Field was larger.

As for the rest, all I am saying is this: Wake Forest CAN do it again. They have done it once. Didn't say it would be easy. Didn't guarantee it will happen. Just saying it is possible.

As for Fickell, he does have a one-year track record as a head coach. And I take it you weren't listening to Ohio State fans after the Nebraska and Indiana games.


Anything is possible. Clawson could pull a Dan Dakich and return to BG after three weeks :)


Bozo gets the last laugh here ... well done!

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