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I believe BG will be really good on offense as long as the offensive line plays well after losing a couple of All-MAC performers. The defense will be the bigger issue because we lost several good players there and we don't know what kind of defense Babers will run. Going back to the bowl game, I agree with what you said about BG looking disorganized at times and being focused too much on chirping with the Pitt players. We looked like we lost our composure at times. We made too many mistakes like missed tackles, no tackles, not protecting the QB, missing blocks, and dropping a potential TD pass again. The coaching situation probably factored in on BG's level of preparation. Despite all these errors, we still almost pulled out a win, so at least we know we have some talent and heart. This past season was very good since we finally won a MAC title. A bowl game win would have really been awesome. Just think how close we were to being 13-1. We got blown out by Indiana but our other three losses were by a total of seven points. We had dropped passes and other little errors that cost us dearly in those games. We had a good team but we were close to being a great team. We still have to find a way to win against the bigger schools and Toledo. The four teams who beat us didn't have very good records, so we have to get over that mid-major struggle and beat these teams. I hope Coach Babers can take us to the next level. It appears BG has a solid foundation to build upon despite our losses to graduation. Babers better be a good recruiter because last I saw, it looked like several other MAC schools were ahead of us in getting highly rated recruits. I know the recruiting ratings aren't everything, so I am sure Babers will get the type of players he needs to be successful. Roll Along!

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