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I guess BG can still win the East but OU and Buffalo will be tough games. We usually lose to OU at home so I'm really worried about that game. It seems that BG keeps improving year to year but we can't get to that elite level in the MAC. We can't beat Toledo or any other good teams if you want to be honest about it. We keep making the same mistakes (penalties, dropped passes, defensive lapses, etc.) or can't come up with plays to win big games. Currently, I think NIU and Ball State are at the top level of the MAC with UT just below them. OU and BG are interchangeable at the next level, while everyone else is below them. Since this should have been BG's year with Clawson's seniors, I'm not very optimistic about the future. A lot of big mistakes were made by seniors in that UT game. Maybe Clawson has another five-year plan in place to get us over the hump, but I'm growing weary and tired of waiting.


Why can't we beat the "good" teams? Even those in our own conference (Toledo, Kent last year, etc.)? That's what I want to know. What is being done to fix it?

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