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Sad Fan

John, why does changing have to involve something negative like bringing in a bad apple? It can also involve things like more thorough recruiting or better strategies.


How would any of these players reach their peak when they play behind limited players on a losing team.


Sad Fan: Changing can be a positive, but usually the inference is that a coach in the final year of his contract will do ANYTHING to save the job.

Not sure what you mean by "more thorough recruiting" though.


Ryan: It's up to the players -- with the coaching staff's help -- to be the best they can be.

Don't they have to be better than the people you want them to replace?

Would you like them to be "handed" a job over another player, or do they have to earn it?


It will be interesting to see how Orr handles his second lame duck situation in a row. He was a lame duck at Seton Hall for the 2005-2006 season. The team had a mediocre season (some great wins, some terrible losses), took them to the NCAA Tournament, lost to Wichita State in the first round, then was promptly fired.


I'd say it is also upto the coaches to get more out of these players, sooner. I'd rather develop younger talented players while winning 13 games in a season, than continue to play seniors who haven't made a significant impact in 3 previous years. I also will never understand the idea that a coach would not use every scholarship at his disposal. No successful program would ever do that.

Sad Fan

John, Thanks for the reply. I'm glad he wouldn't jeopardize the program, but aren't we lowering expectations a little? He should focus on achieving success, not merely avoiding screwing up.

Also, thorough recruiting means scouring the country looking for impact players that don't have to sit for 3 years to contribute. Martin Samarco a scorer/shooter from a few years ago would be the perfect example of this.

We are sitting on scholarships while the player/players who could help the program may be out there.

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