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It was another disappointing loss in a game we could have won. Same thing that's been happening the past 4 or 5 years. The punting game was horrible, Matt Schilz had another bad game, the offense was inconsistent again, and the defense played well at times but again gave up too many big plays through the air. BG just cannot seem to win the big games against good teams. We always seem to be a play or two away from winning. We didn't beat any good teams this year unless you want to consider injury-depleted OU a good team. For the talent we have, 5 losses seems like too many. The offense is hard to figure out. I thought Schilz was primed to have a big year, but he never seemed to get it going. We ran the ball well at times but never seemed to be able to pick up the tough yards when we needed them. In the bowl game, it looked like the running game was good on first downs in the second half, but we couldn't do anything on second and third down to pick up a yard or two. Despite all this, we had a chance to win this game right up until the officials blew that fumble call that would have given us the ball back on a touchback. Anyway, the offense seems to be a major issue. What is going wrong? Is it the inexperienced receivers? Did Schilz take a major step backward? Is the O-line too inconsistent? Is it the play calling? I wish I knew the answers. Lastly, while I was in BG Saturday for the hockey game, I heard rumors that Anthon Samuel was transferring. Any truth to those rumors? That would hurt if it's true.

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