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Gordon Bowman

I attended the game in Columbus, and I agree with nearly everything Greg Christopher said. My wife did not go and a friend's wife who I met at the game did not go because of the weather, not the venue. It took extra effort for local fans to make the trip, but I met several fans from Columbus and Cleveland, who don't regularly come to games in BG. My opinion: something new, something pretty good, worth the effort and should be tried again.


I understand not going because of the weather, Gordon. I think some of the "local" fans forget that, for some fans, it takes an extra effort to get to BG. Not everyone, obviously, and perhaps not a majority. But I've heard from a few fans who had to travel LESS to get to Crew Stadium, so it was a plus.

Anyone else wish to share?


It was an easier trip for me than the normal trip up to Bowling Green. Overall, I thought it was great. Crew Stadium is a really good venue for football. Tailgating could have been better. I think a lot of people just didn't know what to expect and couldn't setup tents and flags because of the wind. With good weather, I could have seen attendance near 15,000. That was the most brutal weather day of the year.

Mike Macdonald

I thought the sightlines were better than at the doyt because crew stadium has steeper seats. And the stadium/parking/tailgate setup is great. On the negative side, the event staff was clueless about many things. I asked 3 different people were to find myles/polleyes and couldnt get a clear answer. The buffalo sideline of the stadium was almost empty and maybe it was because of the cold, but the fans were not very into the game which lead to a weak atmosphere. It was a neat event to do once but I don't see a reason to do it again.


Interesting comments, Andy & Mike. Thanks for sharing.

Quick follow-up, Mike: The next time BG hosts a Black Friday game is in 2014. Are you saying the Falcons should go back to the Doyt?

Not pushing one answer over another. Just asking.


I didn't go, but as a fan, I applaud the effort to try something new. Based on what I'm reading, I think BGSU should seriously consider trying this again in 2014.


Too bad we can't make Black Friday a "bye" and play Toledo the following week.


dstubb: So you would like the UT-BG game to be played THIS week?

What about the MAC Championship game? Everything needs to be played in time to set the participants in that contest. Even playing today or tomorrow is too late.


Mike Macdonald

Best case scenario would be for the MAC to have no games the weekend of thanksgiving. But since they went to the 12 game schedule, that's virtually impossible. I dont' even like osu/michigan playing thanksgiving weekend. There's too much other stuff going on. As for 2014, either do a new venue or hold off to 2016 and do it at Crew stadium again. It really is an interesting situation and debate.


Agree, Mike. Totally understand. Well said.

Here is an idea that deserves some consideration, courtesy of Noel Blaha from Twitter: "Is it logistically possible to host a MACtion doubleheader either in C-bus or Cleveland? I'm thinking BG-UB; Kent-??"

BTW, Kent State played Ohio. But you'd have to determine if those schools would be willing to move a home game, too. That isn't automatic.

What does everyone else think?


A crowd of Friday's size would have looked awfully small in Cleveland Browns Stadium. For what it's worth, a doubleheader involving Bowling Green was tried once before at the old Municipal Stadium. I forget the year; it may have been 1974.


John: I believe you are right, and I believe Kent State was involved as well. Good memory!

Having said that, I don't think the results (attendance-wise) of a 1974 game would carry a lot of weight 40 years later.

Must admit that I find the idea intriguing.


Another comment, this one on Twitter from Jim Rudloff ...

In-stands food/drink sales non-existent. View great. Invite a local HS band, to add with FMB. BG-centric ads weird in Cols.

About froze with the Doyt-like wind and temps, and crowd size was disappointing. But, what the hey ... #RollAlong!


I'd be intrigued with seeing if we could get a future MAC title game played in Canton. Now that the high school championships are moving to Columbus some future years, there might be more local interest in hosting. The stadium seems right sized. Also, earning a conference title there would make earning a trip to Detroit a bit more compelling.


John - I don't know if it would be possible given the championship schedule. But turkey weekend seems to be a problem for most mid--level programs. Why not push the season back 1 week into August? That's when most high schools start playing. Then we could avoid the Thanksgiving problem and give our champ teams a week of rest.


dstubb: I don't think that's possible. I believe there is an NCAA regulation that prohibits teams from playing games before a certain date, with certain exceptions.

Something for everyone to consider: Playing a lot of mid-week games causes teams to have to "spread out" their games. For example, BG had several Saturdays in a row off in early November to get the Wednesday game at Ohio.

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