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i like that firefighters butt. is he italian ?


That firefighter will need an extinguisher to put this fire out!!!!!

Deputy Chief Mike Froelich

Natalie, it was a pleasure to help you with a new smoke detector and escape plan, and it is great to know you have let the entire community know of one of the services the fire department offers. While we are the "Sylvania Township Fire Department" because the township is the administrator of the department, we serve the residents and businesses of the city and township equally. There is one fire department for Sylvania and we see it as one community of Sylvania.




一日深夜,偶辗转反侧,夜不能寐,遂发短信给友寝一姐妹:“郁闷中,陪偶聊会吧。” 不一会,姐妹回信:“好吧,想聊什幺?话题由你定!” 偶想了想,乐着回复道:“那偶们就聊沉重点的话题吧,比如说——你的体重!”一阵沉默过后,姐妹回短信,上面写道:“这也太沉重了吧,那我们还是聊点肤浅的吧,比如说——你的智商!!!”

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