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Not Again

Matt, in your linked post you stated that Mackin, "is running as a nonpartisan candidate." Either you are ignorant about politics, or you are blatantly trying to disguise the fact that Mackin in a committed leftist, in my opinion, and a member of the democrat party.

How could you be so blatantly biased?



Tom Mackin is certainly a Democrat, but given that Wood County is heavily Republican, he has definitely downplayed his party affiliation. See below. You don't host a Camp Obama get out the vote gathering at your home unless you are a Democrat.

Team Perrysburg Camp Obama (Training)

Ohioans will start voting in less than 40 days! Join us for a neighborhood Camp Obama training and learn best practices for having persuasive conversations with voters and for promoting Early Vote in your community. You will also meet other engaged supporters like you and make a plan for how to ensure your community votes early.

Sara Shor
Tom and Allison Mackin's House (Perrysburg, OH)
Perrysburg, OH 43551


By the way Matt, I found the Camp Obama information in about 30 seconds after reading the first comment--so much for your crack journalistic investigative skills.

Not Again

Obviously, the folks did not want a lefty, "blame the system, not the criminal", for a judge.

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