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Peter A

Living on the other side of the river in Maumee where tow path sits between our back yard and the Maumee river, I can tell you that there is very little to fear from having public use trails along our property line. It does not detract from our neighborhood, and it is rare to find litter or unsafe activities. As a matter of fact, accessibility provides better monitoring and gives the police the ability to patrol.
While joining and expanding the parks would be welcome and certainly add to the Perrysburg experience, I question why the city is not done something to address another quality of life issue, namely the noise pollution from the train traffic and the incessant horn blowing that occurs because the city does not have adequate safety around its crossings. That Springfield can mobilize to address their train problem and Perrsyburg, as seemingly more historical and cohesive community, cannot do the same, makes me question why we would ever think that the city could come together to build a such an expansive park.
I hope this comes together not just for the city, but for the region too. In the meantime, I can look out my backyard and see trees, the river, and Perrysburg beyond, but the only thing I can hear is the train that has blown its horn 12 times in the last 3 minutes.


I'm all for a nice path for all to enjoy the riverfront, but see no need for a zipline or amphitheater. Being near the water is peaceful & calming, and to hear people screaming down the zipline would be disruptive. There are successful music events (Music at the Market Thursday nights) in downtown Perrysburg with ample parking. (The planned Rossford outdoor concert venue & hockey rink near Bass Pro never made it to fruition). Would hate to see trees being cut down to make room for these silly ideas where there isn't a need. A path would be wonderful. Anything else is simply a waste of money & natural beauty.

(haha to Peter A.'s comment on the train horn - I live close to downtown Pburg- talk about disruptive!)

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