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Great blog Matt, sounds like you are discovering what a great place Perrysburg is. Check out the 577 Foundation on River Road. It's a great place with fantastic people and you'll find your inner artist there...

Rose Mills

It's always a pleasure to welcome newcomers to Way Library, and I was so happy you stopped by to introduce yourself. Please stop in again soon---we can equip you with some travel books and DVD's for that special trip you'll be taking in the fall with the new Mrs. Thompson. We're looking forward to meeting her, too!


The universal sequence is that the largest increases in unemployment once again the model year
were in countries at the nucleus of the crisis - Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal. There was also a sharp enlargement
in Slovenia, a realm seen as a admissible future nominee in the direction of a monetary rescue.
The regular pattern is that the largest increases in unemployment beyond the form year
were in countries at the core of the calamity - Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal. There was also a chic bourgeon
in Slovenia, a woods seen as a reasonable expected office-seeker repayment for a pecuniary rescue.

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