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Rose Mills


Adam Rutz

As a proud employee of Way Public Library I'm more than happy to see Rose represented as well as Rosanna who is a former coworker of mine at Way!

Travis McAfee

Go Rose!

Janel Haas

Rose - Of course you would want to support North Carolina because you are loyal.
Good luck Rose!!

Linda Fatica

Who knew? Rose and basketball??? Go Rose!

Rose Mills

Linda, you can't be from NORTH CAROLINA and not like college basketball!

Speaking of North Carolina, NC A&T advanced last night...

C Priestley

My picks for the final 4 are Louisville, VCU, Indiana & Ohio State, Final Louisville vs Ohio State & Ohio State winning it all. Go Bucks!

Matt Thompson

Brad Bodnar also emailed picks a half hour before games started this morning. His Final Four: Louisville, Ohio State, Kansas, and Indiana.
And he has Indiana beating Louisville in the championship game.

Now that the games begin we can start seeing how this all pans out. Although hopefully all the final four picks are intact after the first weekend!

Austin Darket

Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana Final 4. Michigan over MSU in final.

Rose Mills

I need to have a serious talk with Gonzaga.

Rose Mills

Two NC teams fell yesterday. :-(

Today, Duke must prevail. Go Bluedevils!


thanks for share

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