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Yes after 40 years we all still misunderstand TARTAs value. And the republicans have self destructed, sure kind of like hearing that in 1974, 1994, 2008....

Not Again

Yes, and obamacare is the savior of the masses, bestowed by the messiah, himself; for the good of the collective.

Not Again

OK I can't resist. "You're check's in the mail too." That sentence is incomprehensible to someone that actually understands English. Carry on, KW!

R. Gregory Stein

Excuse me while I go powder my Whig. The Republican Party is starting to ravenously devour its own. Witness the recent attack and threat of a primary challenge to Gov. Kasich by tea party Republicans in Warren County. The greatest threat to the Governor's re-election appears to be coming from the tea party Republicans who do not tolerate disagreement with the tea party agenda. State Rep. Barbara Sears also has been under attack by the tea party for her support of the Governor's Medicaid expansion of the Affordable Care Act for qualifying Ohioans. The old Republican Party may very well need to come back as the Whig Party because of the uncompromising positions being taken by the out of control tea party. I am an independent voter and I miss the old Republican Party of Dwight Eisenhower, Ev Dirksen, Gerry Ford, Howard Baker, George Romney and Bob Dole. They worked within their party and with the the opposite party to find common solutions to issues important to the American people. Unfortunately, those days are long gone in the RepublicaNO Party of today. Bring back the Whigs. There now, my powdered Whig is ready to wear again when needed.

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