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R. Gregory Stein

Thanks guys for the online Blogtown meaningless diploma. I will cherish it along with the decoder ring I got from my breakfast cereal box many years ago. Just noticed that you awarded me this meaningless diploma because I was otherwise occupied during the recent political campaign. Out here in the boondocks of Sylvania, we did not have a vote in the heavyweight mayoral Bell vs. Collins contest. But we did vote on school board members and township trustees, both very important grass roots contests to our local community. Very disappointed that so few people voted in my community, less than 20% of registered voters. Shameful. Especially since so few people seem to appreciate the sacrifices that have been made by so many to ensure our right to elect our political leaders freely and peacefully. Our right to vote is taken for granted and not exercised by our apathetic citizenry. Very sad. Thanks again for the meaningless diploma. Even though it may be meaningless, it means a great deal to me, one of your biggest fans. Peace.

R. Gregory Stein

P.S. I forgot to mention how artistic Kirk's signature was on my meaningless diploma. Also, was impressed by his degree. BS to you too!!

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