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Dick Trickle

Ukrene-doesn't need this radical job killer at all. Kapturd-sides with Putin in every aspect here in America-spying on citizens, higher taxes to buy votes from scum parasites, and anti-military more than anyone else in Congress ! Yes indeed, Ol Butch Kapterd-is the worst politician in Ohio Hisotry-bar NONE !!! And this yellow rag stasi blade-loves her Obbommunism ?!


Yes Marcy, lets spend our blood and treasure on the other side of the earth while we can't find money to fix roads, hire cops, pay for teachers and for social security. Inspired forthought.


Yeah, good idea!! Let's borrow and send some $ we don't have, and guarantee some loans too. Marcy says we'll get repaid. If not, our children and grandchildren can always repay the funds.

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