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Dave Schulz

Similar to the Coble case but involving resubmitting petitions to replace flawed petitions. Sounds like he could have done it that way, but may not have had time. Coble / Mahoney won the case at the OH Supreme Court.

R. Gregory Stein

Tells you a lot about how competent Rex is as a legislator. He should know the election laws of Ohio and all the loopholes. He gets elected because people still think they are electing his father, who was one of the original Neanderthal politicians.They vote for the name. Time for someone else to represent the good people of that district competently. Maybe the election petition snafu is a good thing, and it is time to retire the family name from Sandusky County politics.

John Brewer

Lucas County certified candidates to the Lucas County Democratic Central Committee - and not incumbents. Yes, representing Lucas County Democrats is comparable to representing Democrats and Republicans in most of two counties in the State Legisature.
Besides: It's a moot point. Rex didn't challenge the decision.
He chose his direction and has to abide by it.
I know after conversations with you that you lean toward Damschroder.
Now... how about you tell your readers about ORC 3599.36 Election Falsification?

Doug Haynam

A candidate who withdraws a petition before the BOE acts on it may refile new petitions in advance of the filing deadline, or may file as a write-in in advance of the write-in deadline. I won a case in the Ohio Supreme Court for Neal Mahoney in 2011 that confirmed that as the law (and Steve Hartman won a campanion case for Coble). The law in this area is complicated and difficult to navigate without legal counsel. It sounds like Rex would have benefited from good legal council.

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