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R. Gregory Stein

Unfortunately, one of the worst things that has happened to me since I was entitled to vote almost 50 years ago, being gerrymandered into the new Congressional District of Mr. Latta. To find out that he is ranked as one of the leading RepublicaNOs makes it even more disconcerting for me. I have never felt so out of touch with a person in public office who supposedly represents my interests. Wish I had the courage and energy to challenge this guy myself. No matter the odds, I would enjoy debating with him, though he would never do that. His district is so safe, he does not need to put himself on the same stage with any challenger. He has an automatic reelection ticket until the districts are redrawn in 2020. So much for competitive elections.

Hamish Bond

Kapturd-is one dedicated job killer having 67,000 great paying jobs around here gone for ever with her radical agenda of parasite vote buying by lazy, loafing, criminal sub humans that make up the Gimmerat Party of America Haters. Toledo=Detroit=America-all 1005 Detroyed by Demonrat Fascism and this yellow rag stasi blade, loves it all.

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