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Neal Levine

Not only is Ohio's election going to be interesting in 2014 so is Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Main, and Florida. These are the Republicans that the press has held in high asteem as being the moderates in the Republican party when in fact they are not but Puppets of the KOCH brothers. Idealogs who attack the middle class and the poor. A very interesting election indeed.

Not Again

Ahhh, and the dems are puppets of the union management thugs, and soros. Luckily, most union workers are not lackeys of the union thug bosses, and will vote based on what is best for the country and not to enrich the union boss thugs. you mention Wisconsin, and this is a good example of the destruction of the looting union thug bosses. Socialism and collectivism is being defeated by victories over the union scum bosses in said states and as evidenced by the failure of the obamacare scam. Big government is corrupt and inept. Even locally, the union boss enright (or whatever) can't even win a council seat he was first appointed to by the dem bosses who suck the teat of the union thugs. In short, the middle class is being decimated by the party in power, and many liberal seats will be lost in 2014 because of liberal support for the obamacre scam. You got it backwards, buddy!

Neal levine

Sorry Not Again but we will have to wait until after the 2014 election to see whose scenario is correct. Already Virginia a Republican strong hold went down against the back drop of the rosy picture you painted arguing for your side. Just a morsel for everyone to taste of the things possibly to come.

R. Gregory Stein

Also, hurting the Governor right now is a recent attack on Gov. Kasich from the tea party in Warren County. The intolerance and intransigence of the tea party branch of the Republican Party may turn out to be the worst enemy of Gov. Kasich in next year's election. The tea party Republicans are devouring their own when politicians like Kasich and State Rep Barbara Sears do not adhere strictly to the tea party agenda. No room for debate or disagreement with the tea party agenda. The Governor looks to be much more vulnerable than I originally believed.

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