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jane 419

Of course Anita is announcing next week. It is all part of her strategy. Let me walk you through it.

Anita has spent the last few months in talks with local labor. She knows that the only way she will win is with union endorsement and the cash that comes along with it. A simple look into her previous campaign finance reports shows that the majority of her money comes from labor. Labor wants to "hire" their boss. Someone who will do their bidding once they are mayor. They know that Anita is their best bet.

Labor, as shown with this week's national and local activities, wants to get their hands in comprehensive immigration reform. Listening to Tim Burga speak at Wednesday's town hall makes this even clearer. Labor, specifically AFL-CIO, could care less about immigration reform. It's just another way for them to wield power and control in legislative issues.

The timing of Anita's announcement is not an accident. Immigration reform came to national spotlight this week. Labor wants to control this as much as of the legislative conversation as possible. Locally, Anita is the perfect front-woman: A Latino that will be the puppet of the AFL-CIO.

Anita will announce next Tuesday, the 16th right before Entre Amigos at the Sofia Quintero Hispanic Art & Cultural Center. On the 22nd, AFL-CIO will announce their endorsement of Anita.

Just get on with it already.

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