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Terry Sommers

None of the cases you cite have anything to do with stand your ground laws.


Agreed 100%, Jeff.

There is a kind of depraved mentality – seemingly a byproduct of suburban boredom, insecurity, and vigilante-movie power fantasies – that is increasingly common, and fostered and amplified by the dogma of far-right Libertarian (Capital "L" as in related to the American Libertarian Party. Not to be confused with actual libertarianism). These people have very strange world-views that are so far removed from reality that it becomes dangerous.

When your entire life revolves around buying guns, talking about guns, and fantasizing about what you're going to do when the big chance to finally shoot someone in "self defense" finally arrives, it shapes your reality in a way that can have pretty disastrous consequences.

Eventually these Zimmerman/Goetz/Dunn types get sick of waiting for these imagined scenarios to occur, and then go about taking the closest thing they can get.

Family not actually being attacked by ATF/UN/black helicopters/black gang members/etc.?

No problem, there's a kid in a hoodie, or someone playing loud music. Good enough.

I sincerely have no problem with people owning guns, and even of varieties that are popularly targeted by legislation. My problem is that the people who are so enthusiastic about them are the last people that should probably ever be allowed to have them.

Jack Racham

Disagree 100% Jeff.
Ohio needs a good, strong stand your ground law that protects the law abiding citizens from over zealous, fascistic prosecutors.

Dave Johnson

What real part of stand your ground do you object to---

Should someone forced into clear and obviously legal self defense be arrested and prosecuted anyhow?

Should someone be required to choose between self-incrimination and claiming self defense?

Should someone committing a violent felony be allowed to sue his victim?

If a criminal demands that a law abiding person leave an area or face violence, should the law abiding be forced to obey in order to keep their right to self defense?

I think I've covered the majority of significant Stand Your Ground issues--is there one I've missed, that if fixed would eliminate your objections?

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