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Tony S

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, sometimes it just is a duck (or something similar to that). I live my life by a simple mantra; play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I HIGHLY doubt they're being investigated simply because they wear makeup. If so, there's plenty of drag queens in the US, that better take heed.

Tony S

"...Juggalos were detained by police, denied employment, and rejected by the Army because the government considered their tattoos gang-affiliated"

or they were denied, well because of how they present themselves. google image "juggalo" and report back. Would you allow them access to your home? Business? Checkbook? Take your elderly mom to the mall? Exactly (you can say "of course aloud", but we all know better)

What happened the last time ICP performed in Toledo? Perhaps Tyler can look up the police records for you, and the amount of police presence. Here's a little tidbit from a 2001 showing. Yes, they're gangster clowns


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About Jeff Gerritt

I am the deputy editorial-page editor of The Blade. I recently moved to Toledo’s warehouse district, after spending 13 years in Detroit, where I was an editorial writer and columnist for the Detroit Free Press.

I’ve always walked the streets, writing about prisoners, addicts, homeless people, gang members -- and ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

I played drums professionally for three years, and I’ve also been a factory worker, security guard, house painter, janitor, landscaper, and construction worker.

Everyone has a story. I like the ones that haven’t been told.

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