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I don't blame the lost on race, but that 17 or more folks for it didn't get off their lazy donkeys and go vote!


No one is going to be stranded. Give folks some credit. People are resourceful and resilient. Life will go on.

Not Again

Socialism and looting is not the answer. People need to do for themselves. Taxing folks to fund rides for others is evil and not fair to hard working people. Jeff, looting/stealing from hardworking people is what you want. Your language would suggest that you are a step left of a socialist, yes a totalitarian/communist.

Not Again

Jeff, when the looting destroyed Detroit, you moved here to continue you encouragement of looting and theft from hard working citizens. you need to get a clue dude, socialism is evil, but if the shoe fits...

Neal levine

We are suppose to be one community but with issues like public transportation we are not. What this process does is pits one portion of the community against another. That portion of the community being attacked is the ederly, the poor and the disabled who need public transportation. This is not about money because the service provided by TARAtA is unmatched. All one has to do is look toward Perrysburg to see what service they have and a shuttle service is not public transportation. It also makes it more difficult for others to get in. This is about them. Those people who are not like us. It is about prejudice its just that people do not want to admit it.

Paul Armola

I find it funny that an old white guy hiding under the title of journalist would use the term racist. I have a clue for you limo-liberal, I'm minority and I voted against Tarta in Perrysburg. It wasn't about racism, it was about wasted tax dollars. Spare us the pity parties and articles about poor people. It is not my duty to be forced to subsidize the poor life choices of others. We all have the same opportunities in this country. Some chose not to take advantage of them. OBTW, I'm considered a person of color and I hate that liberals like to give me titles that I neither need, want, of expect. I AM AN AMERICAN! period!

Neal levine

Unfortunately there is a misconception that is going out there. It is perfectly demonstrated by the writer above. It does not necessarily have to do with racism, it has everything to do with the poor, the disabled and the elderly. It is those who need versus the ones who have. As I said it is those people that are feeding on us and they must go. They are lazy, worthless and we live in America. Sorry to say people actually believe they do things on their own. Well not really. Everyone has help along the way. This tunnel vision that people have is the underbelly that makes us turn on each other. It is really ashame.

Not Again

Jeff, when you are appointed commissar of the Toledo collective, soup kitchen, I hope it will make you happy. You can turn all your talk of helping the poor into some real action. And I bet Neal Levine, the bus expert, will volunteer to be your bus boy. Cleaning tables will be a nice jump up the party ladder, for Ole Neal.

Neal levine

Unfortunately not again has absolutely no ideas or suggestions. It is demonstrated through sarcasm and insults. The problem in the grand sceme of things is that their ideas come out of the 40s 50s and the early 60s. They wish Anerica was the old way. Unfortunately they are stuck in time warps without any constructive critism. Keep it up Not again you demonstrated that your writing is pointless.

Not Again

Exactly, Neal, for once you have a clue. My scribblings reflect the nothingness that Jeff rants about.

Neal levine

Sorry Not Again they refer to your rants and nobody else's


The author is spot on. I heard very similar sentiments expressed from people in Perrysburg when they decided to eliminate public transportation. It's just a simple way that they can further insulate themselves from the underclasses and undesirables.

Of course, in addition to the racist attitudes, there is also a far-right, capitalist ideology that's part of the equation. And, while such ideologies should be treated with the same disdain as the more overt racism present, they are for whatever reason somewhat more publicly acceptable, and provide an alternative for the proponents of these efforts to publicly explain their behavior.

In the grand scheme of things, it's far more damaging to these communities than it will be to the smaller numbers of citizens that have to develop new ways to get around. The insular, uncultured, inbred suburbs will continue to dwindle and fade into obscurity as their veneer-covered OSB boxes rapidly decay, and become evermore a destination for no one short of the most insecure and soulless shells that inherited money can create.


I notice that you seem


Neal, I noticed that you seem to have a incredible amount of free time, since you comment on just about every article.


Far right capitalist ideology?? Righhhht.... If that means I believe people are responsible for their life choices than I plead guilty. I am so tired of having to pay for people who decided to have children out of wedlock before having completed their educations. Sorry, but fry cook at McDonalds or csshier at Meijers as a career plan does not cut it. Stay in school, don' t have children out of wedlock that you expect me, the taxpayer, to support, and I will be way more sympathetic to your plight.

Not Again

Haha, Jan, you make the perfect Marxist, and would be a good fit for one of the looters in "Atlas Shrugged"! Carry on.


"Marxist"? "Children out of wedlock"?

Well, kids, that's quite a bit to extrapolate from the little I wrote. I mean, with Marxism being a very specific school of political thought, that nobody with any education whatsoever could possibly conflate with some very general progressive, or even socialist ideas. And not having mentioned children, in wedlock or otherwise, at all, I'm not sure what either of you are really on about.

But, then again, maybe I should lower my intellectual expectations from people that would actually reference a bad children's author like Ayn Rand and who can't properly differentiate between "than" and "then".


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