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The AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Just because it's colored black and looks scary doesn't mean it is an assault rifle, chief. Maybe do your homework before writing sensationalist articles like this garbage.


I don't see how passing laws against certain size magazine rounds or guns is going to curb crime since criminals do not obey the laws we have now. They'll just snuff their nose at any new ones that are passed any ways. Although what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School is very tragic, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, and I think based on what I have read in the media, the shooter's mother did not keep her guns locked up, thus giving him the opportunity to do what he did, unless someone saw an article that indicated differently? I don't believe stricter gun laws will prevent criminals from obtaining weapons of any sort in the future. If they decide to obtain a weapon for committing a crime against others, they will always find a way to get it. I do believe all gun owners should keep a gun safe in their homes and keep their guns locked up when they are not being cleaned, maintained in any way or being used for target practice, hunting or home defence. I also believe that proper education would be a great measure of prevention against some of the tragedies we've seen in the news. Not just for the gun owners themselves, but they should educate their children about guns, and the damage they can do, as well as if they are keeping any in the house. It may not be a total solution for some situations, but it'd be a good start.

The (Toledo) Blade

Blake: The blog never refers to the AR-15 as an assault rifle. It refers to it as an "assault-style rifle," which is the generally accepted term.

The (Toledo) Blade

Lynn: You're point is well taken, but it still helps to reduce the number of assault weapons that are already out there. There are already 4 million assault weapons in circulation, and a ban would not affect those. Do we really need more?

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